USolve, what is it?

At USolve , we help busy, eco-conscious people with laundry.

Unlike most detergents, we offer powerful natural cleansing agents in compact, pre-measured wash strips that are easy to use, biodegradable, toxin-free, and safe for sensitive skin.

USolve is assembled in Canada from imported components. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Montreal, province of Quebec.

We avoid all plastic in the shipping process. Since 2019, USolve has been delivered weekly to thousands of satisfied consumers.

We think you deserve an easy way to clean your clothes.

Environmentally conscious people are often frustrated with laundry detergents that are hard to store, full of chemicals and unfriendly to the planet.

At USolve , we make laundry easier with pre-measured detergent strips that make laundry easy, safe and more responsible for the environment.

Traditional detergents are a source of hassle...

USolve is an innovative approach that makes laundry easier with less environmental impact.

Now you can stop stressing and get back to what's important to you in life, like spending time doing what you love.