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Remember how in the old days we used liquid for fabric softener? Not anymore !

Well, today it's the same for liquid laundry detergent.

Thanks to technology, there is no longer any need to transport these heavy plastic containers which are harmful to the environment. At USolve , we make laundry easier with pre-measured, concentrated detergent sheets that make doing laundry economical, safe and responsible. The product dissolves quickly in the washer and provides the necessary amount of cleaning agents to get your clothes clean.

Discover the Fragrance Free range

Suitable for the most sensitive skins !

Did you know ?

All the ingredients are plant-based

Our products can be used in all types of washing machines

USolve does not carry water or plastic

Use USolve with cold water to save on energy costs

Our mission: Help the planet and future generations

USolve does not carry water or plastic. Compared to leading brand liquid and powder detergents, USolve 's new plastic-free and lightweight packaging reduces fossil energy consumption for transportation, which in turn has a direct and positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At USolve , we believe you are part of the solution by saying:
* NO to large plastic jugs and/or laundry detergent pod buckets;

* YES, to USolve Biodegradable Laundry Detergent;
* YES , to USolve without plastic.